The Outdoorsy Diva™ Lauren Gay Aids Couples Who Adore Character — But Not Bugs — Arrange Ideal Activities

The Quick Version:  The Outdoorsy Diva web log is designed for whoever wants to check out the outside, but could perform without having the pests additionally the dirt. Creator Lauren Gay upgrades the site with revolutionary tour some ideas, tips, and reviews to help readers plan unique interesting escapades. The Outdoorsy Diva additionally encourages partners to step beyond their comfort zones and attempt brand-new activities. From canoing to paddleboarding to solo international travel, your website has it-all — no tiara needed.


I start thinking about myself personally an outdoorsy individual. I have taught yoga on paddleboards, gone backcountry kayak hiking, and hiked over boulders to remote campsites. I’ve in addition bathed in icy cold avenues and spent hrs upon hrs at the beach, allowing my personal hair be tangled when I surfed. I’ve additionally had my share of personal activities with animals, such as manta radiation, elephants, dolphins, and bald eagles.

But some of my girlfriends believe I’m somewhat crazy. Although many of my pals enjoy spending some time in general and seeing wildlife — they even like some more animal amenities. This is why, they in addition to their considerable others never carry on as many activities as I usually. Several times, they aren’t certain how to mix backyard enjoyable employing importance of ease.

Lauren Gay, the founder of, can link. She originated from children that hardly ever went on backyard activities. Just a few in years past, she started traveling and found out she had a real passion for character. Now, she shares many vacation recommendations, ideas for backyard getaways, and more to motivate ladies as well as their partners for more comfortable with activities that do not have to include acquiring dirty.

“we began the website for connecting with others who like to spread the phrase about these activities that aren’t predominant among minorities and inside the black colored community,” Lauren mentioned. “we do not grow up carrying out those sorts of things: kayaking, paddleboarding, or going to the condition park. That’s not just how we spent my youth. But linking with character and receiving external, it is necessary for the mental and spiritual wellness.”

Lauren wishes the woman audience to know about the emotional and health gains of getting outdoors. And also as an individual mommy, she causes by example.

“we felt like, if men and women saw me personally carrying it out, as a single mommy, maybe they’d imagine they might test it, too,” Lauren stated.

A favorite website That begun as a Way to decide to try New Activities

Lauren said she started the blog about five years ago as a way to discover situations she liked performing and discuss all of them with her family and friends.

“we noticed that i did not understand whom I happened to be outside getting a mommy. I’d every one of these different things i needed to test. I desired to decide to try kayaking or riding a horse, therefore I just began performing those activities,” she stated. “Some i did so on my own because my friends were not interested. After that, we dated a guy who was outdoorsy, so we did some tasks together, and I started discussing all of them on social networking.”

Showcased by Lauren’s fun, honest, and down-to-earth authorship design, the blog quickly took off. The website consists of an abundance of wide variety, from all about foodie escapades around Florida — in which Lauren resides — to solo worldwide encounters like a trip to the Azores isles.

About 77per cent of her readers are females, and 64percent tend to be between 25 and 44. Most are from United States, but about a quarter of the woman loyal audience come from somewhere else around the world. It doesn’t matter from in which the woman readers log in to the woman web site, Lauren makes it simple to laugh combined with the girl as she recounts the woman adventurous experiences.

Lauren Mixes Adventure With Glamour

Like a lot of of my friends, Lauren wants to enjoy the better of both globes.

“Everyone loves nature, and that I love being outside, but I really don’t such as the issues that incorporate nature, like insects being hot,” she said. “I do not enjoy the uneasy parts of camping like asleep on the ground or not having plenty of amenities.”

That is why Lauren very suggests glamping, a glamorous form of camping. It really is perfect for individuals who desire to connect with nature but without roughing it. includes a lot of Lauren’s experiences with glamping. Audience can have a look at her posts about the woman adventures at Cayo Costa county Park in Fl, glamping inside Colorado Hill Country, in Utah, and many more. Audience have come to depend on the woman tips for planning excursions of one’s own.

“i have end up being the glamping guru, if you will, for my readers,” Lauren said. “individuals see something about glamping, and so they send it in my opinion. I have accomplished it quite a bit.”

Inspiring partners to take Nature-Centered excursions Together

Along with advice about household fun activities and reviews on things like the best automobiles to lease for a trip collectively, Lauren also has a lot of suggestions for couples to get the most useful vacation actually.

“you ought to be sincere with each other about the particular tourist you’re,” she stated. “If you’re not an individual who wants to have a rigid schedule and you’re with an individual who really does, you need to know that entering the excursion. And you should produce a damage.”

Additionally it is okay never to end up being attached from the stylish for the entire excursion, she said. When Lauren journeyed along with her ex-boyfriend, he always had to perform a casino game of golf anywhere they went. That has been great together — she enjoyed a day going to a museum or an aquarium and investing some top quality time with herself.

One vacation she recommends for lovers is actually Bali, basically rated one of several top vacation spots on the planet. But Lauren states there’s no cause to wait up until the wedding day; lovers can check out Bali to connect while having a cooking course, going to rice areas, or investing the night time in a safari lodge.

A vacant Nest methods a lot more Stories to Share With Fellow Outdoorsy Divas

As an individual mommy of a teen daughter, Lauren has become rather busy recently. However, the woman boy will soon go off to college, indicating she’ll do have more time and energy to travel and make content material and travel tricks for her web site. But she does not have her excursions prepared out just yet.

“My personal vacation looks are positively daring, without a doubt. And natural. Men and women think we invest lots of months planning most of the journeys i have completed, but I don’t,” Lauren stated. “Instead, easily see a place or a task that i must say i would like to try, we state, ‘Let’s do that, let us approach it.'”

Nonetheless, she has some real plans for future years. She is undergoing unveiling a monthly Outdoorsy Diva podcast and incorporating more product reviews to her site.

“i do want to evaluate services and products for novices anything like me who are stumbling and learning to use several of these circumstances,” she mentioned.

She actually is also trying some thing daring for a single mother: A blind go out getaway. She met a guy on the internet in a Facebook party which lives in ny, as well as their basic date shall be in Jamaica. Of course you are questioning how it will come out, Lauren will inform the story about Outdoorsy Diva.